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Single, July 7th 2023

“Aphelion”, released right on time for the eponymous astronomical event at the beginning of July, where the earth is at the farthest point from the sun. It's a big and very personal song about two people who once thought they were close until they weren't, about gravity, and about the distance between them. LYRIC: Aphelion, so far from the sun Oblivion, what's going on. I quietly sit under the lime tree. Phi, you are so distant from me. Phi, your eyes are not the ocean I desperately needed to dive in Just empty sky, no clouds and no motion Sun so high, it's burning my skin I wish I could hate you with the same feverish passion as is the music you play. But instead, I just wait here for the contents of my heart to go off So I can quietly throw them away. Phi, your heart is not cold as your hands It's just that there is no warmth left for me. I'm orbiting in my construct around you, realising I've built it on quicksand. And I wish I could tell you just how much Your gravity pulls me - like the music you play But instead, I just sent you all the Contents of my heart and watch you Quietly throw them away. As you sweetly twist your knife Into the core of my unguarded heart. Then simply disappear Into the dead of night. At aphelion, you're moving on Faster than the sun At aphelion, you're moving on Leave me behind In the storm And I wish I could hold you just one more time Like you hold me with the music you play. But I guess we can't lose what we've never had Still, I'm secretly falling apart credits released July 7, 2023 Written by: Agnes Milewski © 2023 Between Music (AKM/AUME) produced by Agnes Milewski and Walter Till Agnes Milewski: Vocals, Piano Mia Heck: Violin Walter Till: Bass Rodi Mestrih: Drums Eddie McLachlan: Guitar

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